Emma Smith (Photo by Jay Blackwood)

This is me. Soot and sweat covered, stoking our wood burning kiln at 2300F on an August long weekend in our small community in Southern Ontario. We had been adding wood to the kiln for 45 hours already. The kiln is hot, the air is hot.

The physical, mental, and emotional challenges associated with clay are what keep me engaged in the studio each day. Preparing the material, chopping and stacking wood, pinching forms, hands immersed in the soft earth, feeling flames on my chest and the smell of smoulder lingering in my nostrils. After a childhood and adolescence of graphing and calculating, I was perplexed to find the world of ceramics on a whim - a completely unforgiving medium that cannot be overthought, analyzed, or researched. It was new, and ruthless, and entirely physical. The more I learned, the more I found there was to learn, and the more enjoyment I found in the challenge of learning.

In my work, I strive to craft objects that will bring beauty and simplicity to the average life.
I wish to bring deeper meaning to quiet moments.
I aim to develop and grow as an artist and craftsperson through making.
The work evolves as I evolve.

Inspired by food, flowers, and community, my work is crafted in small batches, and made to be used and loved for years to come.

- E

Woodstack (Photo by Jay Blackwood)

You can find my studio in the quaint town of Jerseyville ON,
where my partner and I have opened a retail shop that carries handmade home goods from makers across the country.

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