Sheridan College has a gallery. Every week or so, the amazing Jamie Owens (the gallery installation designer) puts together a fantastic new show that displays work from students, faculty or members of the public. Each year the Ceramics department puts together a week long show that incorporates work from every student and every faculty member. All students, from first to third year have the opportunity to display their work in a clean, dust free and intentionally lit setting. It's amazing how different a pot can look when it has been taken out of a studio context and featured in a white walled room or glass display case. IMG_0909

The 2013 show entitled "Trans-Form/Function" started on Monday January 7th and will run through Monday January 14th.

"This year’s Ceramics Studio exhibition describes the non-standard and unpredictable process of moving through and around spaces of form and function.Working in ceramics, one invites acts of change through heat and time. What is transformative? What is useful (in the kitchen, in culture, in our imaginations)?" -

Click here for a video feature of the show opening (by Journalism student Priscilla Caripan)

Here's a peek at three of the five pieces I have on display at this show. (Click for high resolution)

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And here are some photos I snapped at the opening last Thursday.

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