DessertStand_19I must be setting some sort of record for the slowest photo editor in the history of the world. It has taken me over five hours to edit only 20 photographs. Seeing as I have some 100 photographs to go through, I have started to envision a week where I cancel my kilns, because I won't have the time to make anything to fill them. I think 20 photographs is a good start for the day, so I'm going to take a break and go get my hands dirty. Tonight I'm off to the big city to see Unknown Mortal Orchestra and enjoy one last social encounter before I spend the next two weeks being a hermit in my studio. Our first show at the Gardiner (Toronto) is coming up in less than a month!!!

Mark your calendars for the opening April 4th (at 7pm-ish- I will update with the exact time in the coming weeks). There will be free food and drink, and lots of lovely ceramic wonders to feast your eyes on.