One of the most important things I learned this summer is how crucial comfort is to the efficiency of a studio. I've never thought of myself as someone with high standards, but I have come to appreciate a few simple things that I feel are necessary for an inspiring and enjoyable studio space. 1. Running water.

2. Vertically accurate table heights.

3. Natural light.

4. Heat.

Over the summer I slowly migrated my ceramic belongings to my sister's townhouse basement, where my studio will be located for the next phase of my pottery career. The room is spacious and ready to be covered in clay.

I have shelving. I have a handmade step stool to reach the top of the shelving. I have a rocking chair. I have a sound system. I have a glaze kitchen (ish). I have tea, and a mini-fridge. I have a brand new wheel. I have packaging, boxes, and bags. I have clay.





I have acquired a work table at a vertically accurate height. I have running water. I have heat.

I do not have natural light.

Electricity will have to do. Next trip to Home Depot = lights, and lots of them.