Uninvited Volunteer

After four weeks of making quick notifications via iphone and quickly scanning my emails during breaks at work, we finally have internet at home again. Which means I can finally catch up with my Netflix (and more importantly, I can keep up to date with this blog... or at least try.) This past week has been very busy - my last firing before the open house is coming up quickly and I've been trying to make as many pots as possible. Tomorrow I head to Toronto to drop off my work at Studio Huddle. For the month of December they will be hosting their annual shopping event, where the work of many local makers is available for your holiday shopping needs. I'm delighted to have been invited to participate with this group of talented artists. If you'd like to meet us, there will be an evening shopping-event-shindig, and we'll be there. (Check out the NEWS page for more info).

Yesterday Bentley was helping me price and pack up.... not.