Pumpkin the Raccoon

Like many people this week, I'm feeling frustrated and disappointed and sad for the world.  

I can't believe that hate won this week. That 52 million people chose prejudice over understanding, division over equality, anger over compassion, stubbornness over progression. I'm exhausted by the hatefulness portrayed in the media and the bitter discussions taking place online. I am afraid for the future of America, and for the rest of the world who will most definitely be affected by the decisions the US made this week. 

I am disappointed that half of the country did not care enough to vote.  

We can sit around in shock and disbelief, but I n order to move forward and make change, we need to pull up our boots, accept the decision, and start making a plan. 

My plan includes spreading love and compassion in my community. It includes standing up for the oppressed and in need. It's a plan that includes taking a firm stance on my belief of equality for all humans, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, or ability. 

My plan does not tolerate abusive, or divisive language.  

And above everything, it provides a space for sharing, and support, and laughter, and understanding.

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