Thoughts on the First Presidential Debate

Today I spent practically the whole day making a batch of salsa (it was my first time, and trust me, there were many learnings from this first experience).  

While I sterilized jars and chopped veggies I listened to the first presidential debate. The debate was a bit like a car accident, where you can't look away, and a bit like an episode of Degrassi Junior High where you watch students exchange cattiness and put-downs. The reactions from the audience were verbal high-fives.

My brain was both exercised and mashed. I felt both hope and dread. I'm not American, so I don't have a say in the outcome of this election, but I hope that our Southern friends pay attention, and digest what they watched take place on Monday night.

I'm not going to dive right into my political opinions, but I came across this the other day, and feel it's very poignant, and pointed, and accurate.  


Plus, they quoted Leonard, so brownie points for that.