A Lot Can Change in a Year.

At this time last year, I was in my final year at Sheridan College and was preparing to spear head my first woodfiring. I had participated in three up to that point, merely showing up for a shift in the middle of the night and receiving a few finished pieces out of the deal. This firing I organized myself, chopped the majority of the wood, filled one third with my work and spent 24 hours stoking the flames. At that time I was preparing to move back in with my parents, while my partner moved to the West Coast. A lot can change in a year.

In the past year I graduated college and exhibited work in Toronto, Philadelphia, Waterloo, Hamilton and Burlington. I moved to Wiarton and worked for production potter Timothy Smith and spent the summer re-learning how to throw. I moved back in with my parents (again). I had 8 firings in 4 different wood kilns. I ran my first workshop. I went to NCECA 2013 in Houston. I bought my first and second Ron Meyers pots. I made pots in three different studio spaces. My partner moved back to Ontario.

We bought our first house.

On Friday we are joining the "homeowners club" in the quaint village of Jerseyville. Our new home is just outside of Hamilton, far enough from the city to feel like the country, and close enough to take advantage of concerts, show opportunities, and Hamilton's monthly Art Crawl. We will have our own store, studio and garden. We might get chickens. We will have our own kitchen! ... and I will have lots of wall space to display my pot collection.

jesse house

I wonder what next year will bring.


Hello there. With the final semester of college on the horizon, I decided it would be best to start a website (and blog) to follow my final encounters in the Ceramics - Craft and Design program at Sheridan college. This website is for you, the audience, to view my works and learn about my process and inspirations. This website is also for me, a place to document my thoughts and events, promote shows and market my wares.

I was wary at first about starting this blog. "How do I start?" I thought to myself. Possibly, the best way to start is to introduce myself.

IMG_0607This is me. ---> (in the wood kiln)

I am currently immersed in a grand adventure called college. In this third year of the ceramics program at Sheridan College, I will be graduating in the spring with a whole lot of ideas, some knowledge and experience and relatively no idea what to do next. I'm still a baby in the ceramics industry - there are still many avenues for my thoughts to wander as well as a lifetime of knowledge and experience to be gained. These past three years were only the beginning - the vast world of ceramics stretches out before me as far as I can see. It's bound to be exciting.

This is my work --->IMG_0602

I like to call myself a maker. That is in fact, what I do - I make things. These things can be called dishes, pots, wares, objects, art pieces. You can call them whatever you'd like. My favourite medium is clay, but I'm also a sucker for textiles, paper, building, writing, gardening and photography.

I am currently working in a variety of different clays at different temperatures. I've been taking advantage of the FANTASTIC facilities at Sheridan and using their wood fired and salt kilns with porcelain and a variety of stonewares. I have also developed an earthenware line that allows a different tone with brighter colours.

Now that I've introduced myself and kicked this blog into motion, I'm going to go settle down and watch an episode of Misfits. It's been a long week at the studio working on a collaborative lighting project (for more information check out the Sheridan - SHED 2013 page) and I am in dire need of a couch.

Cheers to all, enjoy your weekend.