Wood Season


Over the past few years I've found that I work best under pressure; I need deadlines and commitments to work efficiently. At the beginning of each week I set myself a schedule of what I'd like to accomplish, on which day. It's wood firing season, and with a woodfiring on the horizon, time management becomes imperative. For each firing I plan the days I will sand and glaze, when I need to get my last bisque firing in, and how much time it will take for pieces to dry. This planning activates a side of my brain that I really enjoy using – I feel joy while filling out calendars and date books.

Last week I unloaded work from my fourth firing this year, and will be loading my fifth this Saturday. While I still need to sand and wash the pieces we just unloaded, I am instead pulling handles on cups and jugs, finishing up details on prototype vases, and adding rims to serving dishes for the firing coming up. Studio life is a constant balancing and juggling act – one that I am starting to get comfortable with. While one tray of bowls dries you throw creamers. While the creamers are drying you roll out slabs to get them stiffening and then start to trim your bowls. When the slabs are stiff enough to work with you build the walls for vases and slowly dry them while you finish the creamers. On it goes, a carousel.

Here are some photos of the pots that came out of last week's firing. It was my first time leading a firing in the Manabigama, and was delighted to have a great time of eager potters who wanted to learn about firing with wood. The pots turned out delightful.


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Uninvited Volunteer

After four weeks of making quick notifications via iphone and quickly scanning my emails during breaks at work, we finally have internet at home again. Which means I can finally catch up with my Netflix (and more importantly, I can keep up to date with this blog... or at least try.) This past week has been very busy - my last firing before the open house is coming up quickly and I've been trying to make as many pots as possible. Tomorrow I head to Toronto to drop off my work at Studio Huddle. For the month of December they will be hosting their annual shopping event, where the work of many local makers is available for your holiday shopping needs. I'm delighted to have been invited to participate with this group of talented artists. If you'd like to meet us, there will be an evening shopping-event-shindig, and we'll be there. (Check out the NEWS page for more info).

Yesterday Bentley was helping me price and pack up.... not.