Getting Through

October has been a rough month over here. Thanksgiving marked the date that would have been my Dad's 61st birthday, a birthday he didn't live to see. Yesterday we laid his remains to rest, digging up all the thoughts and feelings that had managed to hide away since he died in February, and making the feelings and thoughts that have prevailed all the more intense, all the more vivid. Its been an emotional month, though I'm happy now to have a physical space to visit him.

All this, plus the craziness of holiday preparation consuming the studio and shop, and the push to finish up this semester's classes with my students, I have really felt the need for quiet space, time, and reflection. I'm already an introvert who needs silence and personal space, but right now I need more. And lucky for me, this time of year is my most favourite - the time I find most calming and meditative. I'm not sure whether it's the vibrant colours of our landscape, or the blustering winds sending leaves floating dreamily through the air. It could be the sound of birds prepping for winter, the sight of flocks heading south, or the humm of the crickets. It might be the smell of rotting plants. It could be the taste in the air, or the sense of death and decay all around... Whatever it is, it's peaceful, and restorative, and comforting- a companion that doesn't listen or talk or do anything but exist with you. It's the best friend in the world, I think. And it helps get me through.

Whatever gets you through, take the time to do it. Make yourself a priority.

Tews Falls