Spring Thinking

This past weekend, Southern Ontario was blessed with a sudden January thaw. The temperature rose to almost 15 degrees and most of the snow patches melted, causing an uncanny amount of people to walk around with their winter coats wrapped around their waists, and an earth drenched with melted ice. My opportunities to enjoy the weather were limited, but I was unable to ignore the joy and buoyancy that pervaded the air. Winter has since perked up again and all dreams of flowering tulips and garden parties must be postponed, at least OUTSIDE of my studio. I have recently been asked by a dear friend to be her bridesmaid in their wedding this summer. So, months earlier than normal, my thoughts have been consumed with lace, sunflowers and balloons (and other feminine decor of the like). During my first talk with *Linda about my project interests for the coming semester, it came as no surprise that all my ideas revolved around romance and warmth. For this semester I have decided to focus on cupcake tiers, cakestands, flower bricks, vases and bottles. Every aspect of femininity that I have managed to exclude from my work so far, will take first priority (I even intend to incorporate lace and crochet-inspired texture and piercing in my coming pieces). Though I will take my hand at using high-fire porcelain (the most delicate and elegant of clays), I am also eager to continue my use of chunky, architectural stonewares and bright, soft earthenware.

To begin the development of new forms (whose -perceived- effeminate functions are alien to my current palette), I will first look to the pots of some of my favourite ceramic artists.

Flower bricks

[gallery type="square" ids="131,130,129,128,127,126,125,124,123,122,121,120"]

Cake and treat stands

[gallery type="square" ids="153,149,154,152,150,148,147,146,142,143,144,145"]

This week I will start to develop ideas for these forms through drawings, models, sketches in clay and extensive research.