Thank you (:

I hosted my annual Open House and Pottery Sale on the weekend and was delighted to have so many visitors! It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new neighbours who happened across the sign outside. Thank you to everyone who came!


A special thank you goes to my family who helped me set up, keep everyone full of food and drink, and spread the word! My partner was great and distracted the dog for most of the day - he only managed to swipe half a pound-cake over the entire 7 hours. I think that's a record.

An extra big thank you to my dear friend Alicia who not only markets the hell out of my business, but showed up for the entire show and kept me company. There are not many exceptional people like you.



Follow the Signs

I have stopped making pots for a few weeks and have instead been pricing, tidying and decorating for show season. I even mopped my studio  (my lungs are delighted). To top off the winter-cheer it snowed last night, just in time for my annual holiday sale and open house this coming Saturday November 30.

The party starts at 10am and the early bird gets the worm - the earlier you come, the more pots there will be to choose from. There will lots of lovely functional art for everybody on your holiday list, and all sorts of snacks to enjoy while you shop! Come by between 10-5 to check out some great work, and shop handmade this holiday season. Look for the painted signs!





I have really gotten behind with this blog. It seems like bi-weekly there is something worthy to write about, but I: 1. Run out of time to post, and then 2. Forget


1. Just forget.

Then by the time I have a moment to spare, and REMEMBER to write something, I feel like those many worthy tidbits have long since passed, and are no longer current, or fresh.

Anyway, I digress. So, maybe I'll make this post a list of some of those tidbits. I do indeed, like lists.

1. A friend bought these pots to use in one of her upcoming thriller/horror films. I'm not sure of the title yet, but I'll keep y'all posted.


2. My partner brought my kiln home from the West coast with him! I had the kiln surgeons at PSH do some maintenance and she is now ready to rock-and/or-roll. All I need is a house to put her in (and a name for her). That leads me to:

3. We are house-hunting. This means my focus on the studio has been distracted by duplexes and bungalows all over the Hamilton Region. Instead of coming home and spending hours looking at pots, I am now looking at dozens and dozens of houses.

4. I have set a date for my annual Open House. It will take place November 30 from 10am-4pm. There will be refreshments and snacks all day long, so come by and visit. I will be posting more information, along with directions, as soon as possible.

5. I will also be participating in Studio Huddle's annual Pop-Up-Shop this December. The shop will open December 4th and close December 22nd. More details to follow.

6. We've had beautiful weather over the past few weeks, and I've managed to make it on a few hikes amongst the autumn leaves. Bentley loves this weather too - he still can't help but jump into the creek and then make me wash him and pick burrs out of his fur later.


7. We went to see the annual Demolition Derby at the Rockton World's Fair for Thanksgiving. Our idea of wholesome family fun is watching cars smash into each other. Fire and smoke are added excitement. The goats and sheep were pretty adorable too.

demo derby

7. The pots are being made, despite the house/hiking/show-prep/kiln distractions.  I've got boards of espresso cups and mugs at home that need to be decorated. I'm going to make some serving bowls this week.

Happy Monday!

Upcoming Show at Nuit Blance

Nuit Blanche is an all night arts festival that takes place every year in cities all over the world. This year, Toronto's Nuit Blanche takes place from evening October 5 until sunrise on October 6. All night long, public and private galleries, museums, and shops will be open free of charge to the public. Streets and public parks will be filled with contemporary art projects by almost 500 artists, including a centerpiece installation by world-renowned artist Ai Weiwei. wychwood-barns

During the festivities, the Fusion: Clay and Glass Association is putting on their annual Pottery and Glass show at Artscape Wychwood Barns.  I have been invited to participate in the show along with many other talented artists. I will have teacups, mugs, candle dishes/cradles, planters, bowls, spoons, plates and MORE for sale and show. Please come and visit us! I will be there volunteering from 9pm -3am October 5-6, and would love some company.