Video - Robin Dupont

Robin Dupont is a ceramic artist from British Columbia who specializes in wood fired pottery. He was nominated for the RBC Emerging Artist Award in 2013 at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto. Each of the artists nominated for this award had to make a video to be played during the exhibition. Robin was the only potter nominated for this award, and his video sums up my love for making, wood firing, and designing objects to be used. I particularly love how he talks about how he is collaborating with food, and drink, and flowers. What a humbling way to think about one's artwork. Enjoy!


Coverage of Trans-Form Function

IMG_0885I was interviewed by two journalists at the "Trans-Form Function" opening back on January 10th. Back at the studio, I was mid glazing when another journalist asked if they could talk to me for a moment about the program.  I never got around to seeing what they wrote about our studio, the work we created, and our exhibition. So today I did some digging. Here are a few links to videos, photo collections and articles about the ceramics program at Sheridan. I'm featured in the article "Extending your thoughts through art" by Cole Ritchie - along with an unflattering photograph. So, if you didn't make it out to the show - live vicariously through these links.

Oh, and all of the journalists are fellow Sheridan students!

Extending your thoughts through art

Sheridan Ceramic Exhibition

Trans-Form/Function in AA Gallery

Happy snow day.