Woodfiring Workshop
with Emma Smith and Duncan Aird

5 DAYS $450 per person, limited to 8 spots
June 27-30, unloading on July 5

"Queen Anne"

Fee Includes: 

- the use of slips and glazes
- all firing materials
- hands on firing experience in our anagama style wood kiln
- approx 6-7 cubic feet of work per person

This workshop is designed to give a unique and intimate experience on firing a wood burning kiln. We will cover everything from glazing decisions for the atmospheric kiln, loading considerations, kiln design and of course, how to fire! This is a comprehensive collection of all that we have learned about woodfiring in our many years of experience. Whether you are brand new to firing atmospherically, or have some prior experience, we guarantee you will leave inspired, with newfound information you can take into your studios in the future.

How to Prepare

The workshop fee does not include lodging for the duration of the firing. We have a local B&B that participants have used in the past. Please let us know if you require accommodations and we would be happy to put you in touch with some local spots.

After you register, we will be in touch with more details on what you need to prepare for the firing, including our go to clay bodies, and suggestions for forms that work well in different areas of our kiln.

If you are coming from out of town and will be staying in the area during the cooling of the kiln, we would be happy to give you suggestions for our favourite places in the GHA - galleries, eateries and entertainment for you to enjoy on your days off!




Thursday June 27 - glazing
Participants will bring their pre bisqued work to the studio in the morning, where we will instruct on different decorating techniques for the wood burning kiln. All glazes and slips will be provided. We will finish glazing all work and pack them up to prepare for loading the following day

Friday June 28 - June 30 - loading and firing
We will start loading the kiln first thing in the morning - this process usually takes up to 10 hours, working in shifts. We will have a pot luck dinner at the kiln site and light the kiln in the evening once it is loaded. We will continue the firing for ~48-50 hours, working in teams around the clock. Participants will sign up for loading and stoking shifts during our glazing day.

Friday July 5 - unloading
Our kiln takes several days to cool, so we will meet the following week to unload. We will discuss and assess the work as it comes out of the kiln, and will finish with a formal critique and pot luck at Emma’s studio where we will more thoroughly look at some of our favourite/not so favourite pieces from the firing.